Copper Re-Piping

“The Cost of a Copper Re-Pipe is More Affordable Than You Think”

Why Would A Home Need Copper Re-Piping?
Homes built more than 20 years ago have a higher probabilty of having water pipes made of galvanized metal. These pipes, usually iron coated with zinc, corrode over time and lead to all manner of plumbing problems, including leaks, rusty and discolored water, low pressure, foul tasting water or worse. And while you may think that a quick spot repair will handle the problem, it won’t. In fact, it just may make things worse by putting more pressure on other parts of an already compromised system. The only real solution is re-piping – whether you use copper or PEX pipe, it should all be replaced!

How Do I Know I Need to Re-Pipe?

  • Low Water Pressure
  • Rust Colored or Yellow Water
  • Getting Scaled in the Shower When Someone Flushes
  • Slab Leaks
  • Plumbing Leaks

At All Star Plumbing we do re-piping for homes, apartments and businesses. We have streamlined our process so we complete the job quickly, and we provide a top-quality service at a great affordable price! Most customers cannot even believe our estimates.

You too can become one of our 100% satisfied and happy customers! Whether you choose to repipe with copper or PEX, you’ll enjoy a dramatic increase in water pressure with your re-pipe, and will love the clear quality of the water.