For many Californians, hot water is a luxury that is not thought about often unless disaster strikes. When your hot water heater goes down, everybody in the home suffers. Keeping your electric or gas water heater in optimal working condition is vital for both your comfort and your wallet. If you are seeking help with water heater repairs, we can help! All Star Plumbing & Rooter has provided Los Angeles with water heater services for more than a decade, and we’re ready to earn your business. Our company is built on honesty and integrity. Meeting and exceeding your high expectations is the goal, and All Star has the experience and equipment to get the job done. If we can save you on the cost of water heater installation or repairs, we’ll make sure to get it accomplished. Today, we’ll look into a few maintenance measures that can save you an emergency call to a local plumbing company. Whenever working with this appliance, it is highly recommended to wear protective equipment and shut off the electricity.


Adjusting the Thermostat


One of the simplest tasks a homeowner can undertake is lowering the temperature setting on their water heater. By default, many heaters are set to a standard heat temperature of 130 degrees Fahrenheit or more. While this may seem nice, it is in fact way too high. Our advice is to aim for 120 degrees or lower. This way, you’ll save energy costs that stem from excessively hot water being wasted. An additional bonus is the reduced chance of suffering a burn from hot water. Scalding hot water is not something that you should be worried about!


Finding Relief From Your Valve


Water heaters are equipped with a temperature and pressure relief valve that works to safely regulate the levels of heat and air pressure that can build up and cause problems. If the air pressure exceeds roughly 150 pounds per square inch gauge or if the temperature exceeds roughly 210 degrees Fahrenheit. Inspecting this valve is vital for resident safety. If your T&P valve fails to operate correctly, the heat and pressure can build in tandem until the water heater explodes. Checking is as simple as turning a valve and checking for water, vapor, or the sounds of liquid displacement. If none of these actions occur, it is wise to contact a professional immediately for assistance. When it comes to water heater maintenance, this action can offer great value for property and safety reasons.


Wrapping Your Appliances


The act of insulating your pipes and water heater can be dually beneficial when all is said and done. For one, this small project can save money in energy costs due to the reduced loss of heating during water transportation and storage. Additionally, the savings in heat loss can equate to less demand on the water heater. When your water heater has a lower energy demand, it tends to last longer!
All Star is your source for tankless water heaters and more! Our technicians have years of experience working with Los Angeles water heaters. Next time, we’ll look at more tips that can be helpful for elonging the lifespan of your heating unit. If you’re looking for assistance with water heater maintenance or repairs, feel free to contact us today for a free consultation!