Many Americans are caught in the throes of convenience, where life is made easier on a daily basis. One area where this should not be true is the bathroom. Your toilet works hard every day to ensure that your home is clean and sanitary. When backups occur, though, the results can be disastrous. As a provider of premium plumbing services in Los Angeles, All Star Plumbing & Rooter has experience dealing with this problem. Our 24-hour plumbers are here and ready to help correct any emergency plumbing needs that may surface in your home. The porcelain throne was designed to dispose of toilet paper and human waste, nothing else. In our last blog, we looked at a few common items that are flushed and the destructive effects of doing so. Today, we’ll continue this journey by discussing a few more items that would be better placed in the trash receptacle. Your wallet and your home will thank you!

  • Paper towels. Cleaning your bathroom can be quickly and conveniently done with these universally disposable tools. Once finished, it’s often too tempting not to throw the dirty paper towel in the toilet. After all, paper is paper, right? Unfortunately, paper towers are not designed to break down in water. In fact, many brands boast the opposite! Flushing paper towels can lead to sewer backups, hazarding an emergency call to your local plumbing company.
  • Moist towelettes. One major catalyst for plumbing damages we find is the flushing of cleaning and baby wipes. The kicker here is that many towelette brands have claimed to be flushable, where their products can easily degrade and pass through any home’s sewer system. Unfortunately, years of evidence have proven otherwise for these convenient cleaning wipes. Numerous plumbing companies have lodged complaints about moist towelettes, claiming that they cause costly repairs in thousands of homes. If a wipe is left intact in your pipes, chances are that it is collecting other materials and creating a counter-productive clog. We advise simply throwing these things away to avoid any costly repairs in the future!
  • Tissue paper. Similar to its moist comrade, tissue paper is another product that is often sent down the tubes. Kleenex®, for example, is designed to hold up under wet conditions. Sick patrons are often glad about the durable properties, yet this logic doesn’t often extend to the toilet. The light, soft composition of tissue paper makes it appear to be ideal for flushing. Be sure to throw your tissues away properly to avoid unnecessary blockages.
  • Condoms. These rubber prophylactics can wreak havoc on even the most healthy sewer systems in a matter of no time. The latex composition creates a non-degradable material that can cause problems at any point in the system for a long period of time as well. If you have a septic tank, the results will definitely be costly. Even if these devices do make it out of your home’s system, their effects on the nearby recycling plant can also be destructive. Many Americans do not know just how dangerous condoms are to plumbing systems, leading to a high number of plumbing repair services!

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