When it comes to the toilets in your home, most people pay no mind until something goes wrong. If your toilet becomes clogged and backs up, the results can be as devastating as they are unsanitary. Your porcelain throne’s easy proximity and simple operation makes it a prime spot to throw away any number of items. As a top provider of Los Angeles plumbing services, All Star Plumbing & Rooter has seen a wide range of culprits that have caused catastrophic problems for homeowners. For the last twelve years, our team of licensed plumbers has worked to provide Californians with high-quality plumbing repairs. One common reason we are called is due to improper toilet use. Human waste and toilet paper are meant to be disposed of via your home’s sewer lines, and nothing else! Today, we’ll take a look at a few common items that are incorrectly disposed of through the latrine express. Hopefully, our informational blog will help to reduce the number of emergency plumbing calls!

  • Cotton toiletries. Small products such as cotton balls and swabs are seemingly insignificant enough to pose little threat to the toilet. Instead of breaking down and passing easily through the pipes, this substance will become very sticky and clingy when wet. This can result in having cotton stuck to the walls of your sewer line, grabbing and entrapping other materials that pass by. Clogs can quickly form, creating disastrous results for your bathroom. Be sure to throw these cotton products into the trash receptacle, or your plumbing and bank account can suffer!
  • Dental floss. Similar to cotton products, dental floss feels like a harmless item that can be flushed away and forgotten. However, this thin waxy string has been proven to be non-biodegradable, resulting in a long-term tenant for your sewer lines. Floss happens to be very stringy, and that stringlike nature means it can act as a fishing line, ensnaring and trapping more refuse as it passes through. Once this happens, a clog can emerge and cause blockages in no time!
  • Cat litter. Your feline roommate may have their litterbox in close proximity to your own, making the flushing of litter down the toilet a very convenient concept. However, the sand and clay composition of kitty litter makes it one of the worst things to put down the toilet! Clogs can quickly build if you’re flushing that gross litter. There are also additional environmental concerns as well. The chemical composition of both cat waste and associated litter creates a breeding ground of toxic bacteria and chemicals. Make sure to bag and remove your litter correctly; the environment and your home’s plumbing will thank you!
  • Band-aids. These small first aid tools seem ideal for taking the lavatory express, but this sentiment couldn’t be farther from the truth. The non-degradable composition makes band-aids a possible long-term problem for your immediate convenience. On top of its clog-causing capabilities, a band-aid also comes with environmental issues as well.
  • Medications. The common belief for many people is that responsible drug disposal involves flushing those medications down the toilet. While medications are not immediate hazards for your plumbing, their effects on the ecosystem have been well documented. Fish are the first to suffer, as well as other wildlife species that come into contact with contaminated water. It’s best to look up the closest center for dropping off your outdated or unwanted medications. The ecosystem will thank you!

Many homeowners or tenants take full advantage of their toilet’s capability to powerfully flush away waste and eliminate the need for future concern. However, many products that travel through your home’s sewer lines can actually do great harm to the plumbing and the environment. All Star is your 24-hour plumber to assist in case such things happen, but we would rather you not need the repairs at all! If you’re in need of plumbing services for your Los Angeles home, feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment!